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Thursday Dec. 9th 1916

My dear Fan

I have been going to write
to you people for a week now and did
not have any stamps or paper, but
succeeded in getting the necessary
from one of the fellows to-day.

I am sorry that I cannot write
you all a letter and wish everybody
a Merry Christmass, but I cannot
get any money and they do not supply
paper or stamps here. I did not know
who to write but as you are the oldest
I had to write you of course.

I have not had any mail for a
month now, but should get some soon
Did you send the thermos bottle because
[I on top of she?] never got it. I hope that you did not
send any of my Christmas parcels
to France because I don't think they
will forward them on. It is too bad
that they won't but if you haven't
sent them better keep what you

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