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C Thomasson at Jun 15, 2021 06:28 PM


On Active Service

We are only about ten miles behind the
firing line now and can hear the guns quite
plainly. The airships are flying overhead
all the time and we can see the
observation balloons. I was looking over
in the direction of the firing line the other
night and I could see the Star Shells.
We had a very interesting lecture the other
day by a staff Captain on "gases" and after
the lecture we went through gas with our helmets
on then we went through a place where
weeping or tear shells had been placed. The
tear shells make you weep so that you cannot
see. I was down to the cemetery last night and
saw Col [Becher's/Becker's?] and Capt. Buchanan's graves.

Address Pte E A Richardson ^ #126141 Sig Section 87th Battalion
4th Can. Division British Expeditionary Forces.
Well Fan I think I will close for now. I will write
again when I can. Best love to Frank and
yourself and Aut and Bob and Stan and
Louise and Boys and others in Toronto.

Your loving Brother. Ted.