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No. 345 Hooping Cough
Dissolve 1 scruple of Salt of tartar in a gill of water & 10 grains of [?] finely powdered, sweeten with fine sugar. Give an infant 1/4 [?] Table spoonful four times a day & from 4 years up a spoonful maybe taken.The relief is immedaite, the cure in general within 5 or 6 days.

No. 346 [Anclyne?] Embrocation
For wounds, bruises, burns etc
Recitified Spirits of wine 4oz.
Pulverised Camphor 1oz
[?] 1oz
[?]Spirit lavendar 1oz.

No. 347 Grandmothers Salve
Newts foot oil 1 pint Yellow Resin1/2 lb Red Lead 1/2 lb
To be boiled to a hard consistency

No. 348 Toothe Powder
Gum Myrrh powdered 1/2 oz Peruvain Bark 1/2 oz
[Cinnamon?] 1/2 oz [?] 1/2oz

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