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No. 182 Tincture of Rhubarb Mr. Browne
Rhubarb 2 ozs Cardamon seeds 1/2 oz Sugar Candy 4 oz digest for several days in a quart of French brandy, when filter it off, by adding 1/2 the quantity of Rhubarb & Cardamon seeds with the whole of the sugar candy to another quart of brandy a 2nd supply will be gained - dose from 1 to 2 ozs.

No. 183 Cough, a certain cure Mr. Hodges
1 oz Elecampane, 1/2 oz Ginger, 1/2 oz Liquorice all in powder mix then in 1/2 lb Treacle, take a spoonful (tea) when the cough is troublesome.

No. 184 Currant Wine Mr. Beaumont
Take any quantity of white currants, quite ripe, & to every 4 lbs of currants put the same weight of sugar & 1 gallon of water, first bruise the currants well with the hands then add some of the water & strain it thro' a seive pressing them with your hands, then add the sugar & strain it again with the rest of the water in which the pressing of the currants have been steeped - then put it into your cask & shake it every day for a week, then place it in your cellar & observe not to stop it up till it has done working. NB If it be a 20 gallon cask it will be fit for bottling in 15 months, but if larger it must stand longer before it is drawn off.

No. 185 Shrub
To every gallon of Rum add 1 1/4 pints orange juice & 1 1/4 lbs good lump sugar & so on in proportion. Put it into a cask or stone bottle, shake it well together, stop it up close & in about a month it will be fit for use.

No. 186 Gum water for Painting.
1 oz Gum 1/2 oz white Sugar Candy put it in a bottle with 1/2 pint soft water, when dissolved it is fit for use.

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