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No. 405 Restorative Jelly
1 pint Port wine 2 ozs Islinglass 2 ozs White Sugar candy 1 oz [firm arcebic?] 1/4 of a nutmeg grated put these into a jar let it remain all night & next day stand the jar in warm water by the fire till dissolved in a day or two it will be fit for use.

No. 406 Green Gages to Preserve
As a sweetmeal make a syrup of 1 lb loaf Sugar 1 oz whole ginger 1/2 pint water, when cold pour it over the plums [?] the jars down close put them in a slow oven for 12 hours.

No. 407 Ralafri Cakes
2 ozs butter 1/2 lb flour 1/2 lb sugar 2 oz bitter almonds [Hunched?] pounded in a mortar & the yolks of 3 eggs mix them well together drop the cakes in brown [?] Bake 10 minutes

No. 408 Icing for Cakes.
1/4 lb loaf sugar white of 1 egg & a teaspoonful of [?] [?] melted mix well into a paste a& spread it over the cake. put in a slow oven to harden.

No. 409 Ginger Lozenges.
1/4 lb loaf sugar 3/4 oz grated sugar 1/4 wine glass water boil till it candies stirring all the time butter some paper & pout the syrup in before quite cold cut in squares.

No. 410 Shrewsberry Cakes.
1/2 lb Flour 1/4 Sugar 1/4 lb butter 1 egg & a little Spice.

No. 411 Soda Cake.
2 lbs Flour 1lb Currants 1 lb Sugar 1/4 crushed peel 3/4 lb dripping 1 nutmeg a little mixed spice a small dessert spoon full of soda about 3/4 pint milk. Bake directly.

No. 412 Jelly.
1 cow heel 5 pints water, let it simmer all day strain it & when cold skim off the pot - the juice [?] of two lemons 1/2 lb sugar wine to taste the whites & shells of 6 eggs well beaten boil all up & strain through a jelly bag.

No. 413 Indian Corn Flour.
2 tablespoonful to a pint of milk mix the flour with a little cold milk boil the pint & pour over stirring all the time boil two or three minutes & pour into a mould a little lemon peel cinnamon or bitter almonds may be boiled with the milk to flavour it.

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