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No.174 Hoarseness F. Browne
Take Camphor 1 scruple dissolve in mucilage of gum Tragacanth as much as sufficient, add Pennyroyal water 6 ozs Elixir Paragoricum 2 drachms, Balsamic syrup 6 drachms mixed - take 3 table spoonsfull 3 or 4 times a day.

No. 175 New College Pudding
Grated Bread - suet - Currants each 1/2 pound Sugar 6 ozs, 2 large spoonsfull Brandy , a little grated Lemon peel - a little nutmeg - 6 eggs (only half the white) put into a bason well buttered, butter a paper & tie over tie it in a cloth, boil 3 hours. If fried to be put in balls the size of an egg. It will keep as long as minced meat.

No.176 Bitters.
Camomile flowers & rosemary each a handful, orange peel (seville0 & fennel seed each 1/2 oz cloves, ginger & nutmeg each 2 drachms put these ingredients to 1 quart of white wine to stand & digest 2 days, then strain it off for use. A wineglassfull before dinner or when languid.

No. 177 White Currant Wine Mr. Godins
2 gallons of water to 1 gallon currant juice & 9 lbs sugar to the 3 gallons liquor when together put it in the cask directly & keep the ?hole open for 5 or 6 weeks till it has done working. The cask must be kept full as it purges itself for which reason you must have some more than what you put in the cask. It is to be kept in the vessel 12 months before bottled if a large quantity. The water you use must be cold & unboiled.

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