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No. 414 Marlborough Pudding
see 402
6 oz each butter sugar & mixed peel, yolks of 6 eggs

No. 415 Lemon Pudding
1 lb suet 1 lb Sugar 2 lbs bread crumbs 4 eggs juice of 3 & rinds of 2 lemons.

No. 416 Dripping Pound Cake Mrs Sam Slaklschmidt
1 lb Flour 1/4 lb Dripping 1/2 lb sugar 3 eggs 1/2 pint milk 1/2 tea spoonfull Soda

No. 417 Arrowroot Blanc Mange
2 oz arrowroot 1 pint milk 2 ozs sugar 1 oz bitter almonds mix arrowroot with a little of this milk with both the remainder & ? over stirring all this time boil a minute & put in a mould previously filled with cold water. A little lemon peel & cinammon boiled in the milk is an improvement.

No. 418 Raspberry or Strawberry Syrup.
12 lbs of Fruit when cleaned put into an earthen pan. Dissolve 5 ozs Tantaric acid in 7 pints cold Spring water & pour over the fruit let it remain 24 hours then put it all in a sieve & let it drain 5 or 6 hours. To every pint of juice add 1 1/2 lbs powdered lump sugar stir it till it is all dissolved then bottle cork & send it. Keep in dry cold place to be nmade into a ------------ jelly. Dissolve 1 oz best isinglass in 1/2 pint water strain it & put a bottle of the syrup, stir & well & ? into a ?.

No. 419 Furniture Polish Mrs Dilliter?
1 pint vinegar 1/2 pint each Turpentine & Linseed oil 1 gill spirits wine. The furniture ? nicely washed before using the polish rub in a small quantity off with a clean rag & polish with soft duster. To be well shaken before using.

No. 420 Marble to Clean
American potash in lump about 6? first cover with water & put on fire till all melted then put into a bottle with as much water again when used mix with whitening sufficient to make it into the consistency of cream put in this ? with a brush & let it remain 2 days.
Caution. Take great care as it burns the hands & the brush.

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