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No.172 Pommade Divine
Beef marrow a good pound & half well picked from the bones & filoments put it into a China or Earthen vessel full of Spring water which must be changed twice a day foe 10 days - The 10th day strain it & let it then lay 24 hours in a pint of Rose water which done put it in a thin cloth to drain till quite dry then add of storace, sweet scented cypress, oris of Florence & Gum Benjamin each an ounce of cinnamon 1/2 an oz cloves & nutmegs of each 2 drachms, all 3 to be finely powdered & well mixed with the marrow then put it in the pewter vessel & shut as close as possible, cover the top with a fine linen cloth & make a paste of flour & white of an egg to put round the lid & sides of the lid that nothing may evaporate, & suspend the vessel ( by 2 small sticks put through the handle) in a copper of boiling water which must not cease boiling for 3 hours - having boiling water always ready to keep the water in the copper at the same level - Care must be taken the pewter vessel does not touch the sides of the copper pour the Pommade melted thro' a fine cloth into the piots you mean to keep it in, do not cover them till quite cold which will not be for a day or two. When taken out of the pots use a Silver Knife & it will prove the better for keeping. The form of the pewter vessel image should have a screw top. In cases of bruises to be well frequently rubbed in with a warm hand.

No 173 Herb Tea
1/2 a pound Agrimony
1 oz Flowers of Yarm
1 oz Flowers of Cowslips
1 oz Red Rose leaves
1 oz Ground Ivy
1/2 oz Roman Wormwood
1 oz Lime tree tops
1 oz Lemon Thyme
1 oz Bears Ear
1oz Rosemary Tops
1 oz Liquorice Rod
6 worth Ginsin Root
All cut small stalks & well mixed.

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