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No. 421 Lemon Cheesecakes Mrs Alfd Shakschmidt.
1/2 lb loaf sugar powdered. juice of 2 lemons & the rinds grated the whites of 2 & yolks of 3 eggs mix well together & bake in paste 1869

No. 422 Prince albert Pudding. Mrs Fred Shaklschmidt
Beat to a cream 1/2 lb fresh butter & mix with it, 69 degrees, an equal quantity of loaf sugar dried & sifted. Add ? the yolks & then the whole of 5 eggs which have been well beaten seperately then strew in lightly 1/2 lb flour dried & last 1/2 lb raisins weighed after stewing. Slightly chop 20 bitter almonds. Put this mixture into a well buttered mould slices of candied peel & should be laid rather thickly over it after it is buttered. Boil the pudding 3 hours. A little more or the peeled rind of a lemon may be used to vary the flavour. Fresh butter, powdered sugar, flour, raisins each 1/2 lb 5 eggs about 1/4 lb candied peel.

423 Queens Pudding Eliza Miller
1 pint bread crumbs 1 qt milk yolks 4 eggs 1 cup full white sugar when the pudding is baked cover it with jam & the whisk.

424 White Sauce.
Veal broth, butter thickened with flour a tea cup of cream pepper nutmeg & salt.

425 Omolette
5 eggs 5 spoonful of cream pepper, salt, 7 onions

426 Sprats pickled.
A layer of sprats & a few bay leaves season them according to your taste withnutmeg cayenne white pepper & salt cover them with an equal quantity of port wine & common vinegar Put in a quick oven for 15 minitues.

427 Leicestershire Hunting Beef.
To a round of beef of 2.5 lbs 1/4 lbs Saltpetre 2 ozs brown sugar 2 nutmegs 2 ozs cloves 1 1/2 of alspice & 3 large handsful of Salt. Pound these together rub with the beef & keep it 3 weeks in pickle turning & rubbing it every day. Bake it in a pan with a crust over it for 5 or 6 hours when it comes from the oven put a napkin round the beef. There must be water in the pan when it goes to bake to which add 1/2 pint port wine.

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