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No.167 To boil Currants for Tarts
Weigh your currants after they are [washed word crossed out] picked, put them into a pot covered very close, set it in a kettle over the fire till they are well stewed, then strain the syrup through a colander & to each pound of fruit put 1/2 a pound of sugar boil it up the syrup first & scum it well, then put in your currants & boil it till it is pretty thick, put suet over your cup - Gooseberrys are done the same way pulling a pint of currant syrup to 4 quarts of Gooseberries.

No. 168a Dropsy see No 56.
Salt of wormwood 1/4 of a dram.

No. 168 Pickled Mushrooms Brown. Mrs. Hoffmeister
Take a quart of large Mushroom buttons wash them in vinegar with a flannel - take 3 anchovies & chop small - a few blades of mace a little pepper & [vinegar word crossed out] ginger a spoonful of salt & 3 cloves of shallots put them into a saucepan with as much vinegar as will half cover them - set them on the fire & let them stew till they shrink pretty much when cold put them into small bottles with the vinegar poured upon them, cork & tie them up close NB. This pickle will be a great addition to brown sauce.

No. 169 Leicestershire Hunting Beef.
To a round of Beef weighing 25 lbs take 1/4 lb saltpetre 2 ozs brown sugar, 2 nutmegs, 2 ozs cloves, 1 1/2 ozs allspice & 3 large handsful of Salt, pound these together, rub it in the Beef & keep it 3 weeks in pickle, ning & rubbing it everyday, take it out of the pickle & bake it in a pan with a brown crust over it 5 or 6 hours, when it comes from the oven put a napkin round the beef - there must be water in the pan whenit goes to be baked, to which must be added 1/2 pint Port Wine.

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