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No. 157 Continued.
The spices & lemon peel must not be put in till all the flowers are in. when the 2 pots are finished stir & mix each from top to bottom as much as can be. empty one pot into the other & press it down so that all may go in & cover it with a thick layer of salt, that is with the rest of the 2 lbs. Then put on the earthen cover & put thick paper round the joining so that no air can get in. Let it stand in this manner till October When you open it stir it well & put half into the other pot. Now it is fit for use. If you would have your ingredients keep long & well never change their pots only stir it once or twice a week constantly, therefore they are as well removed at first into such China or other pans as are fit for ornaments. The following year these pots may be refreshed to become very good by adding 1/2 the quantity of ingredients with the same proportion of salt & so from year to year. When you are desirous they should smell more than ordinary stir them & they will be perfume the whole room.
To be placed on or over the Chimney piece. From the recipe of the Carmelite nuns at Paris.
Take Roses & all sorts of sweet flowers, pick all the green from them, then dry them for 3 days in the shade, then put a layer of bay salt with Cloves & Cinnamon bruised, at the bottom of the jar, then layer of flowers & their salt & spices & so on till the Jar is full. should be stirred up every other way as long as you continue filling the jar.

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