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So Pekin Ill.
Hon Wm Spry,
Gov of Utah;
We the people of So.-
Pekin at mass meeting
assembled, resolve that
(Joe Hillstrum) Joe Hill
was a victim of a
bias trial and if he
received justice, would
be freed. And further
we ask you to use the
power of your high office
to prevent this
heinous crime which is
to be staged in the
name of law and

order Oct. 1st, and farther
to gain for Joe Hill his
liberty. To the end
that justice shall be
done we pledge Joe Hill
our moral physical and
financial support
Sect. Timothy S. Keohane
W. G. [illegible]
C. F. Pondin
C.A. [illegeible]
Arrangement comt.

[ink smudge]

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