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Hillsboro. Ills. Jan 2nd 1915 Govenor of Utah, Hon, and Dear Sir.

I enclose a copy of "resolution" passed by local 644, United Mine Workers of Am., and endorsed by the Trades Council of Hillsboro Ills. The Resolution concerns Joe Hill and his recent trial at Salt Lake City

Yours, Respectfully Submitted.

Harry Brown. Secy

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Hall of Local No. 644 United Mine Workers Hillsboro, Illinois, January 2 1915. At regular meeting, was adopted the following Resolution: Where as: We have information that compels us to doubt the truth of the charges against Joe Hill, or the fairness of his trial at Salt Lake City, Utah.

We believe that Joe Hill is innocent of murder, either directly or indirectly; that the trial jury was prejudiced; that the convicting evidence was false, and that the defendant's evidence was largely omitted. So often in the recent past, have Judicial proceedings been fraudulently based on false accusation and false testimony, that we have lost faith in the efficacy of submissive protest. Therefore be it resolved: We demand a new and fair trial for Joe Hill We demand that the Governor and Attorney General of Utah, act promptly in securing a new and fair trial for Joe Hill. Financial Secretary Harry Brown President Walter Abrams, Presiding Vice President F. H. Haley Treasurer C. J. Greer Frank Gib [Commissioner] Herman Vonderlack [Commissioner] lahao Carter

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So Pekin Ill. 8-22-15 Hon Wm Spry, Gov of Utah; We the people of So.- Pekin at mass meeting assembled, resolve that (Joe Hillstrum) Joe Hill was a victim of a bias trial and if he received justice, would be freed. And further we ask you to use the power of your high office to prevent this heinous crime which is to be staged in the name of law and

2 order Oct. 1st, and farther to gain for Joe Hill his liberty. To the end that justice shall be done we pledge Joe Hill our moral physical and financial support (signed) Sect. Timothy S. Keohane W. G. [illegible] C. F. Pondin C.A. [illegeible] Arrangement comt.

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Paris Ill.

September 14, 1913

Governor Spry

Salt Lake City


Dear Sir, I am sending in a list of names of people who demand that the deat Sentence of Joseph Hillstron be set aside yours respectfully Wilbur Stowerton

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Cherry, Ill, 20 Septembre 1915

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