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[A list of Hindi words with English translations]
Darakht [crossed out and rewritten] Darakht a tree [Zard?], yellow
65-66 Dard affliction
Dekha seen saw Warda [vaayada], a promise, vow [illegible]
Dijiye, please to give De[ssor] beloved, [jiyara?]
Dil, heart mind, soul Kiss Chumma
Dua [Dooree], distance, far, [?]
Forjr [भोर][Bhor], morning, dawn, early Kssa bosa, chuma
Farth [विजय], victory Marriage Shadi - byak
Ghar, house home, dwelling Wood, lakva
Ghas, grass, shaw[?]
Gulab, rose youth, jawan
[Jagnio?] awaken, arouse
Kasam, an oath
Khar, a thorn
Khet, field
Khub-suvat, handsome
Khuda, God
Khushi, joy, delight, pleasure
Mihrbani, kindness
Phul[e]ga, wild blossom
Per a Frea[?]
Phut-gaya, bust broken
Phiro, turn, oct[?]
Phiroge, you will return
Phul, a flower
Phulon-ko, flown
Sab[z] - gun
Sach, true mouth, [?]
Sahib sir master
Samudr sea
Shadi pleasure, marriage
tera - e, -z, they, thine, your
Thahra, settled, fixed

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This is a list of Hindi words with translation.