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& thro [through] [[Aldenhoven]] to Aix la Chapelle [[Aachen]]. It is sufficient to ob-
serve upon this days' Journey, that I have no other observation
to make, but that the greater part of our road was a dull &
uninteresting flat & [illegible] country did not improve
until we were getting into the beautiful environment of Aix
la Chapelle [[Aachen]]. We did not reach the end of our Journey, a distance
of 46 [miles?], until 7.p:m. The roads are were everywhere under re-
-pair, but as long as the Roulage are permitted to have such
narrow follies to their wheels, it is perfectly useless & vain to
put the road in good condition, which as they run on a [gravelly?]
or sandy soil, cannot remain so more than two or three
days after a fall of rain, in consequence of the heavy wagons
I have described passing over them continually in great numbers.
The view of Aix La Chapelle [[Aachen]], as we approached the town,
was delightful, but it was too late in the evening to think
of anything else, than engaging apartments at the Post House,
the Hotel de Heuken & securing a place in the diligence
for [[Liege]] "après Demain - a sept heure precite" - 9.L.
& 9. Fl. Aix la Chapellle [[Aachen]] is distant from [[Cologne]] 14 L. [leagues] & Spad [[Spa?]] 7.

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Exchanged a 1/2 20 bill at [[Cologne]] for 23. map: [?] 16. & 1/2 -


At six a:m: I started on my promenade to the summit of the
Louisberg [[The Lousberg]], or the Mt. St. Salvator [[Monte San Salvator?]], to the N: [north] of the town & the highest
point of the basin, in which the town of Aix la Chapelle [[Aachen]] is
situated. It defends the town from the north winds, & presents
a most enchanting view of the surrounding country. The Vale is
bounded by Hills of a gentle acclivity, which only enrich the
landscape without confining the view. The morning was brilliant
& from the summit I enjoyed, in high spirit, the superb
view of the town, & surrounding country, thickly scattered
with villages, & beautiful country houses, especially from the
East up to the N:N:W. [north-northwest]. The mountains to the S. [south] elevated them-
-selves by degrees, where the country loses much of its amenity,
is less fertile, & abounds with woods. These hills connect them-
selves with that grand Chain of Mt.s [Mountains] called [[Ardennes]], of
the [[Eifel]], & country of MontJoye [[Monschau]]. On the East & North, about a
league from the town the ground becomes imperceptibly lower
& forms the rich & fertile plains of the Duchy of Juilliers [[Duchy of Jülich]]. The
side of the hill has been converted into an English garden
& the walks extend from it down to the E. [East] gate under the wallls
of the town. There is a pretty hotel more than half way up

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