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1 My Grandfather

2 [[Carlton Colville]]

3 Leaves Home

11 The farewell to [[England]]

18 Crossing the Line

33 Land at [[Hong Kong]]

43 Funeral at Sea

49 The [[East India Company|East-India Company]]

50 Outward Bound "Goodbye"

51 The [[English Channel]] and "[[The Downs]]"

52 [[Cape Finisterre]]

53 The [[Equinoctial Line]]

54 The Albatross Cape Pigeon +c [etcetera].

55 Song of the Seagull

57 The Islands of [[Amsterdam]] and [[St. Paul's]]

58 The [[Straits of Sunda]]

59 The Island of [[Hong Kong]]

60 The [[Canton River]]

62 The English factory at [[Canton]]

63 The [[Zutphen Islands]]

64 The [[Cape of Good Hope]]

65 The Island of [[St. Helene]]

66 The Island of [[Ascension]]

67 Shells

68 The City of [[Canton]]

69 The [[Western Islands]] or [[Azores]]

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