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we went into one or two shops + had
difficulty enough in making ourselves
understood - Our sea sickness and con-
sequent starvation, making the table
d'hóte a matter of no small conse-
-quence, we had to retrace our steps
which we found it not very easy to
do through unknown streets, + with
people speaking an unknown tongue
so as to reach our line in time
for it. A Dutch table d'hote
after sea sickness! Having partaken
as largely as our capacity admitted
us, as the many dishes handed round
in successive courses; we set out
again + went to the Cathedral ; service
was going on, a sermon in Dutch,
a tolerable congregation of the Poorer
last, there was not much appearance
of reverence to our eye, men sitting
with their hats on, which they only
pulled off at the concluding prayer or

21st We started next morning about seven
o'clock up the local branch of the [[Rhine]]

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