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We left [[London]] on Wednesday April 29th
1838 per steam for [[Rotterdam]], in
cold squally weather with showers of
snow though the season was so far
advanced - We got a good top, with
all its usual disagreeable consequences,
so that I did not venture out of my
birth till we were past the Brille
bar, + fairly in Smooth water, I
then got on deck as soon as [Ilanto?],
+ found a flat shore on both sides,
with many little church spires +
windmills [+varying?] the outline, we
passed one or two pleasant looking vil-
lages not unlike English villages -

Hedge row trees, some of them with the
branches out, leaving only the top as
we see them in [[England]] + by the riverside
stunted cut over willows - Vessels
of various nations helped to vary the
scene which was altogether cheerful +
pleasant. At the first view one gets
of Rotterdam it seems little more
that a village; but we landed at a
handsome street, which stretches along

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