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am a firm friend and would make a devoted wife.
Also that I am open in my disposition, but am cautious
and particular, am sufficiently lively . not quite so
orderly as I should be, am anxious to please, and can
suit myself to any society into which I am thrown,
firm where I have once decided, very conscientious,
but more benevolent than religious.

This was the substanceof it: how far it is true I leave
it for time and my friends to decide.

George left about half-past-ten, promising to call in the morning
Tuesday. Rose early. George H. called while we were at break-
-fast and made a very pleasant call. I spent the morning
in assisting Mother. Hannah Hudson spent the afternoon
book tea with us and remained all night. Mrs Beecher
and Mary Reeve called. Sarah and I called on the Hudsons
but they were again about. We thencalled on the Wilde's
Mary R. came in also while we were there, and we
accompanied her home, went in awhile, and after leaving
we met Kate Hudson. Stopped to talk, and while thus
employed Mr G.H. with his most intimate friend E.D.
walked up and stopped also. We soon separated [Dr?] the young
men went one way and we another. Kate took Sarah
home with her but I was obliged to hasten to my own
abode. I set the tea-table, and cleared it away, and thentook
my seat in the rocking - chair in the back-parlor with little
Hannah in my lap, while Sarah and Natty strolled off into the
other room. In a few moments Mr Samuel W. was announced. He staid till eleven
o'clock and his tongue went like a mill-[Dr?] every minute of the time. He however
afforded Sarah and I considerable amusement which made some amends

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