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Wednesday April 7th Pleasant. Called on Mary Reeve in the
afternoon. Returned with a bundle of magazines,
containing, I suppose, some of what is called "the light
literature of the day." I am not fond of such works
generally but there are moods in which every one
finds a well-told story acceptable and as Mary
thought these were uncommonly good specimens
in that line I concluded that I would at least
take them home and give them the benefit of an
examination however superficial. Ellen Dickinson
called, also Mr [Mister] Shroeder to see Father.
Mother dropped the large lamp this evening on the
parlor floor, of course breaking the shade and chimney
into an infinite number of pieces and almost
ruining the carpet. Mother felt a little annoyed
but Father changed the current of her reflections
by suggesting the more serious consequences which
would have followed had the lamp been filled
with camphene instead of oil and so grateful
were we that such was the case that our vexation
was soon forgotten.

Thursday. Quite damp and in the afternoon it rained
considerably. Harriet came over in the morning for the
purpose of [Dr?] the wedding to-night. Mr. [Dr?]
called very early to request Father to perform part of
the ceremony. P.M. After an early tea we all dressed

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