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2. of our holy religion, hold seats
in our ecclesiastical conventions
& exercise as they too often do a
controlling influence over the
measures in which the [we?]
of XTo spiritual kingdom are
most deeply involved? The adopt
-ion of a canon to exclude all
but communicants from the office
of delegates to conventions as has
been done in [[Virginia]] & [[Ohio]],
would probably have a [decl?ting] in
-fluence in the Diocese of [[Maryland]].
Tho: alas! This would not be a per
-fect remedy for the roil for
some of the most embittered foes
of evangelical religion are con
-[?ants] having a form of god
-liness beset denying the power therof!

We arrived at [[Fredrick]]
about 9 O'clock, & dropped at
the city Hotel. I was glad to find
our inquiry of the Landlord
that [[Wm Owings]], who had

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For decl?ting, "salutory" would fit the context