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by an english franciscan Monk
who came to the Tavern to us. -
Four english monks of this order are
detach'd [detached] by rotation from a Convent
at [[Douay]] to assist & look after the
Nuns as they are never allowed to
come and to beg for themselves - nor ever
taste flesh meat even were it to save
Life itself - They are allowed to
recieve Gifts or Charity themselves -
the friars are not - therefore conduct
you to the Nuns that you may give
money to them - & ply at Taverns to
make application for them to Travellers
especially the English

What a Life of Penury - & Misery
to outward appearance - & yet what preten-
=sions to felicity - but to repine would be
in vain, since after taking the Vaile
there is not return unto ye [the] world, & would
only meet with ghostly Counsel, or perhaps
severe Penance. Having dropp'd [dropped] a Crown
in Pity of our of poor fair Country women [?]


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