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Fellow Citizen:

You are addressed on behalf of our worty Dramatic Ariste, E. N. Thayer, Esq., who
respectfully solicits your patronage at his approaching benefit, upon the 16th inst. Mr. Thayer is now in
an advanced stage of life, and declining years and health, and it is highly probable that it is the last time he
will ever call upon the friends of the stage for any mark of their approbation. In his particular line of
character, no one has ever been a greater favorite of the patrons of the drama than the subject of the present
solicitation; his fop, his elegant gentleman, his rake, his paternal characters, his guardians, his old stewards,
have always been unrivaled - have always produced much innocent amusement, and they stamp him as a
genuine child of Thalia. Perhaps, no Stock Actor has ever so long retained the affections of the public; but
time has gradually cooled down the comic effervescence, and warned him that he must quit and stage, and
have his name enrolled on the retired list of professional performers. In all his career, Mr. Thay [Thayer] will
leave a bright example to his brethren of the stage. He has incontestibly proved that the character of a
gentleman of the highest tone and the moral integrity of an unblemished life, are not incompatible with
the profession of an actor. His history is marked with romantic vicisstude - born in the genteelest of social
positions, he entered the naval service of his country at a tender age, and was a midshipman, 14 years old,
on board of the Chesapeake in her bloody conflict with the Shannon - say the immortal Lawrence fall -
heard from his lips the never-forgotten words - "Don't give up the Ship," and dropped a hournful tear over
the lifeless remains of the hero, who will always live in the hears of his countrymen! Mr. Thayer was
long detained a prisoner at Halifax - peace restroed him to his hom; he is now the last surviving officer of
a combat in which "Tout etoit perdu que l'honneur."

An irresistible impulse of nature turned him from arms to the comic muse, and his career has been
marked by a success, which though prodigal in fame has not been so remunerative in fortune. Will a
generous and appreciating public hesitate to reward this deserving man and actor, one whose tender
youth was devoted with heroic courage to the defence of his country, and whose after life has been spent in
administering to one of the the most defined enjoyments of his fellow citizens.

James Page,
Horatio Hubbell,
Peter Richings,
T.B. Pugh,
W.M. M. Greiner,
E. V. Machette,
George W. Farr,
Thomas Heath,
David Hamaker,
R. Shelton Mackenzie,

John O'Brien,
John Thornley,
W.M. Milard,
James Freeborn,
Fred. G. Wolbert,
Frank S. Johnson,
C.R. Dodworth,
Peter C. Ellmaker,
E.L. Tilton.

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