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Our [relative?] positions will present the [time?]
of this letter from bring misunderstood.
I am not speaking to you as a member
of the press, but as a man, a scholar and a gentle
man, to when just and learned criticism I [?]
much. To your notice of my fauty pronunciation
Ranting, attitud [?] and I owe the correction of
them in part; and it is my constant study to aimd
then entirely; to your fostering care of the beau-
ties of my style, I woe the preservation of them
and the study to perfect them.

My object in uniting to you is simply to
thank you for your many kindness to me
and chiefly to [exactly?] a [?] to know in
person so good a friend. Should you prefer
to remain incognito I shall be sorry. Be
that as it may I [?] your interest in
my [?] career will still [?] [Labor?]
an that you will point out my faults
will [?] ceasing [?] mercy: Shan
marry to bell me of my excellencies, but fur
to [earn?] name by faults: - tell me of them
and I will take care of the beauties -

I am at [Yenis?] Hotel where I shall be
happy to see you at your convenience

Oct. 15. 1854 [William Aaron?]

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