808 [=169] (V.2)




Status: Complete


[struck through passage:

The work was begun and completed
by Mr. Philip Volk, and cost

[end of struck through passage]

following are the rates ^however at which it has
been executed.

[table follows]

Arch masonry 15 .. .. per 100 cubic feet
Other do 10 .. 11 per do
Plastering 2 5 8 per 100 supl feet
Metalling 2 .. .. per do
Bitt heads 15 .. .. each
Windlasses 10 .. .. do
Earthwork of escape channel 1 4 .. per 1000 cubic feet
[table ends]

No. 5. Kalimpoor Escape

This work is in all respects
similar to that at Moonda Khera
it has the same extent of water
way and its situation relatively
to the Kasimpoor Bridge is in
all its details connected with ghats,
choki accommodation, [etc.?] similar.

The escape is on the left bank
at the 166th mile of the course
of the main canal, and immediately be-
-low the falls at [Pulra?] and [Simra?]
its position is intermediate on
the line extending from the [Simra?]
Falls to the Nanoon Regulators.

The especial duties which
the Kasimpoor Escape is intended
to perform are 1st, the relief of
the canal from excess of water aris-
-ing from the supply of the Koel
Branch Head being thrown into the
canal channel. 2nd, the regula-
-tion of the supply into the term-
-inal lines into which the main
trunk is divided at Nanoon.
Connected with the Moonda
Khera Escape, it perfects the means
of relieving the canal channel
from excess of water in the lower
regions of the main trunk.

The following diagram
shews the line of country which

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"supl" = superficial