798 [=159] (V.2)




Status: Complete


in width on the remaining miles
of its length, the side of slopes being
at an angle of 45°.

The cost of this excavation
was Cos Rs 34807..6..8 at a rate
for 1000 cubic feet equal to 1..9..6.8

The headwork is constructed
of Kunkur and brick masonry,
the disposition of the material
being the same as that univer-
-sally adopted ^[in this div? of the works] where Kunkur is
procurable. Kunkur being used
in the floorings and most mas-
-sive parts and brick elsewhere.

The proportions of material
used in cement are as follows:

2 parts of earth lime
1 part of Soorkee

The quantity of material expend-
-ed [in the work, struck through] and the rates
at which the different species
of work [was, struck through] were executed will be
seen by the following table.

[table follows:]
Rates of work
Masonry Rs 12..6..6 for 100 cubic feet
Plaster 3..0'..3 per 100 superficial feet

Materials expended
425640 bricks of various sizes
18918 cubic feet earth lime
9459 ___ do ___ Soorkee
[table ends]

Mahomed Aboo's Escape was begun
and completed by Mr. Read the
Executive Officer of the 2nd Division
of the works. Its cost was, ex-
-cluding the cost of regulating
apparatus Cos Rs 10487..11..7

No. 3 [Tanni?] Khoord Escape

This as the third of the
series of escapes attached to the

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"Cos RS" = Cost in Rupees