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It will be advisable for
the sake of distinctness to divide
the escapes under different heads.

A. Those on the Main Trunk
between Roorkee and Nanoon

B. On the Cawnpoor Terminal Line

C. On the Etawah do

Commencing with A we have on
the Main Trunk

1. The Khutowli Escape 62 mile
2 Mahomed Aboo's do 69 do
3 Tanni Khourd do 87 do
4 Moondakhera do 141 do
5 Kasimpoor do 166 do

5 different works, situated at
distances from the Myapoor Regu-
-lator as shewn above.

Now, the three leading items
viz. the escapes at Khutowli,
Mahomed Aboo, and Tanni Khourd,
are for the relief of the channel
at [a, struck through] points where from the large
volume of water that it has to
carry, and from the nature of the
soil through which it is conducted,
most especial care is required.
These 3 escapes may be considered
under the 2nd head of my rules
for guidance, as two outlets
divided into three separate lines;
their width of water way ^[in the] aggregate
is equal to 180 feet, and as sepa-
-rate works, they provide a dis-
charge of 60 feet in width. Each
work consists of 10 bays or sluices
of 6 feet in width each, and
they each throw their water into
the valley of the West Kalli Nuddi
under circumstances peculiarly
favorable with reference to de-
-clivity of channel, although
from the sandy nature of the
soil through which [it, struck through] the bed is excavated,

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