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in the dams themselves, and are as
necessary a part of their machinery
during floods, as the sluices them-
-selves are. It will, however,
be understood that the present
chapter is specifically devoted
to ^[the works for] the irrigation supply, whilst
that on drainage [works, struck through] is con-
-fined to those for the relief of the
canal channel from what we
may call torrent water.

I. Regulating Bridges

With the exception
of the Dubowli and Moosanuggur
regulators which are connected
with the terminal works of the
Cawnpoor and Etawah lines, un-
-der which head they are described,
this section is limited to

A. Myapoor Regulator
B. Dhunowri Do [see note]

the details of which have been fully
entered into in the last chapter.
For drainage purposes, these
works act as dams across the
canal channel for preventing
either the floods [from, struck through] of the Ganges
or those [from, struck through] of the Rutmoo River
from gaining admission into it.
They confine the torrents to their
own courses and for this purpose
they are of the highest importance.
For navigation purposes, the regu-
-lators at the above points, admit
during the dry season of the sup-
-ply being adjusted to the period-
-ical demands for irrigation,
and in the event of accident to the
masonry works, or [to, struck through] of a necessity
for repair to the channel, they
provide the means of turning

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"Do" is a British abbreviation of "ditto."