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Status: Complete


The whole of these works
are founded on blocks which
come under the following denom-

[table follows]

Regulating Bridge 9 blocks area of base 32' x 22'
Do do 2 do 32 x 15
Upstream Right Revetment 4 do 18 x 12
Do left do 4 do 18 x 12
Downstream Right do 2 do [(28' + 15.2')/2] x 13.6'
Do left do 2 do [(28' + 15.2')/2] x 13.6'

[table ends]

the method of adjusting the sub-
-structure with reference to these
blocks has been before described.

The superstructure of the
upstream revetments which
are the connecting walls between
the flanks of the dam and in-
-let, and the upstream side of the
bridge of cross communication
which lies on the left of the Rutmoo
River; it corresponds both in height
and dimensions. On the down
stream side of the regulating
bridge, the sides of the canal
channel are protected by sweep-
-ing lines of masonry wall en-
closing flights of steps or ghats
which give access to the canal
water from the berm. The height
of these walls is equal to 12 feet
they are in connection with
the bridge, and the sweep which
is in immediate contact, is com-
-bined with a flight of steps;
[which, struck through] affording the means of
approach 2/ to the channel for
under drainage, 1/from the levels of the berm.

With exception to the
width or roadway, which in
the present case is only 22 feet,

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"Do" is a British abbreviation of "ditto."


The "2/" and "1/" designations near the end of the page indicate that the phrases which follow should be reversed.