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and there by noble specimens
of the Banyan (Ficus Religiosa).
Peepul (Ficus Indica) and other
trees loved by the Rindoo: under
the shade of these trees, and at
short distances apart from each
other were Bytuks, or places upon
which Fukeers, and other holy
men Sat and received the adula-
tions of their adminers. these
Rytuks consisted of octagonal or
square Towers, not exceeding 7
feet in height, approachable by
a flight of steps, and frequently
situated in the middle of a
'Chubootroa'?] or platform of masonry
They were in fact the
Earthly, palaces of the Fukeers,
each had its prossessor, and every
separate Rytuk had its peculiar
To whatever extent their intermediate owner's wan-
derings may have led him,
whether to the snows of Gungootin,
or to the burning plains of Bug-
gurnath each successor gear exhibited to the ad-
mining pilgrim, the same
Fukeer sitting in the same
Rytuk, in all probability with
the same uncombed him, and
with the same ashy, unwashed,
and unshaven countenance.

As a necessary consequence
of the excavations at the, Canal
head, and their 2 relative position
to the bank and road, a num,
her of Rytuks equal to that
which has been constructed had to be pulled down;
in rebuilding these advantage
was taken of the opportunity to place
them as ornamental features in
rear of the Bathing Ghuts and in
the position in fact in which they

two Towns for the Pilgrims
[?] the Hurdwar Fair;
was richly wooded; and marked
here and there by noble specimens
of the Bur (Ficus Rebjiosa)
Beeful (Ficus Indica) and other
trees loved by the [?].


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