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James Hingston AM

FACETLAE--MS. Letters, Historical and Galant, from two Ladies of Quality, containing CURIOUS and DIVERTING ACCOUNTS of the MANNERS and CUSTOMS and CURIOSITIES of several Parts of France, with the INTRIGUES and GALANTRIES, not only of the Court, but other parts of Europe,, folio, old veilum binding, £3 3s
The advertisement, back of title states them to be all facts. It gives an account of every curious subject that has happened for many years, including MURDERS, ADULTERY, FORGERY, THEFT, INTRIGUES, etc. etc., and relates as much to England as the Continent. It states on the title "Done from the French."

By Madame Dunoyer (Barbier)
cf. Singer-Mendenhall 848.D923L.9M

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