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p. 17

The Preface.

hath indeed set him up much above it, yet be-
cause common Prudence may move a sober and
considerate man to an external conformity to so
reasonable a Religion, and to the practice of
those excellent Virtues which it requires, these
Writings may possibly give more satisfaction to
some concerning his Judgment in the case, than
his Life and Actions. And in that respect
they may possibly come forth with some advan-
tage, being written and published in this man-
ner; for here we may read his most intimate
and retired Thoughts.

And for these reasons I much desired to have
prefixed his Name, or at least to have let the
Reader know who he is; but I know that that
would certainly have been displeasing to him;
and therefore having made so bold with him
in the Publication of these his Writings, I
would not presume further to discover who he
is, though for so just and honest ends; but
have purposely left out some passages which
would too plainly have made him known.

Being far distant from the Press, there may
possibly be some few Typographical Errata,
more than otherwise there should have been;
but I hope that care hath been taken, that
they are not many, nor very considerable; the
sense with enable the Reader to amend them.


p. 17