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4 Of the Consideration

diseases, but concerned not them that are
at present in health, or not under the stroke
of a mortal sickness. The Reasons of this
Inconsiderateness seem principally these:

1. That men are not willing to enter-
tain this unwelcom thought of their own
latter End; the though whereof is so un-
welcom and troublesom a Guest, that it
seems to blast and disparage all those pre-
sent enjoyments of Sensem, that this Life
afford: Whereby it comes to pass that, as
Death it self is unwelcom when it draws
near, so the thought and apprehensions
of it becomes as unwelcome as the thing it self.

2. A vain foolish conceit that the con-
sideration of the latter End is a kind of
presage and invitation of it; and upon this
accoutn I have known many superstitiously
and foolishly to forbear the making of their
Wills, because it seemed to them ominous,
and a resage of Death; whereas this con-
sideration, though it fits and prepares a
man for Death, it doth no way harsten
presage it.

3. A great difficulty that ordinarily at-
tends our humane condition, to think other-
wise concerning our condition than what
at present we feel and find. We are now
in health, and we can hardly bring our

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