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2 Of the Consideration

not only of that state of rejection, but of
the causes of it, namely, Idolatry and re-
jection of the Messias; which consideration
would have made them wise and prudent to
avoid those great Apostasies which should
occasion so terrible a desertion and rejection
by God.

But certainly the words contain an evi-
dent truth, with relation to every particular
person, and to that latter end that is com-
mon to all man-kind, namely, their latter
end by death, and separation of the Soul and
Body; the due consideration whereof is a
great part of Wisdom, and a great means
to attain and improve it; and very many
of the sins and follies of man-kind, as they
do in a great measure proceed from the
want of an attentive and serious conside-
ration of it, so would be in a great measure
cured by it.
It is the most certain, known, experienced
truth in the World that all men must die,
that the time of that death is uncertain,
that yet most certainly it will come,
and that within the compass of no long
time: Though the time of our Life might
be protracted to its longest period, yet it
is ten thousand to one that it will not exceed
fourscore years; where one man attains
to that age, then thousand die before it; and

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