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The several Treatises now published are these, which
should have been printed in this Order:

Of the Consideration of our Latter End.
Of Wisdom, and the Fear of God.
Of the Knowledge of Christ Crucified.
The Victory of Faith over the World.
Of Humility.
Jacob's Vow.
Of Contentation.
Of Afflictions.
A good method to entertain unstable and trouble-
som times.
Changes and Troubles: A Poem.
Of the Redemption of Time.
The Great Audit.
Directions touching the Keeping of the Lord's
Day, in a Letter to his Children.
Poems upon Christmas Day.

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Ut Nox longa quibus mentitur amica, Diesque
Longa videtur opus debentibus, ut piger Annus
Pupillis, quos dura premit custodia matrum:
Sic mihi tarda fluunt ingrataque tempora, quæ spem
Consiliumque morantur agendi graviter id quod
Æquè pauperibus prodest, locupletibus æquè,
Æquè neglectum pueris, senibusque nocebit.

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