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[Use above?] [?] with ℔ [pound] ℥j (1 ounce), when cool, you
will have the best [time?]. See page 148.
To [?] the [h?]. See P.132,
which is exactly the same as the above [?]
246. another for the same
Take of purified [h lly?] -* powdered ℥j (1 ounce)
[?] & [3 iij (3)] [of] powdered ℥s [half ounce]. Put these
with a [?] over a [short?] [?], for 8ÿ. Take off
the [?]. & you will have [more] time.
247. To prepare the Sal Elebrot
R, [?] purified. Sal Gum. Sal Aleoli
or [?] aa ℥i (1 ounce) pulverize & add Guice of Mint
& of [?] aa ℥jj (2 ounce) [after fan?]
[?] - Mix well
NB. The 3 last were given me by
the D of M * from Abb + Percy. Aug: 1800

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