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244 Magic Ink
Rx Quick Lime [alchemy symbol, weight] [?piment]
[a.s. weight] - put it in a Matras with a long
Neck, that holds a Pint, pour in as
much Spring water as will cover the
Ingredients 3 Fingers - Stop the Mouth
with a Bladder over it, & prick Holes
in it with a Pin - Set it in warm
Ashes [?] right up [?] [inclining?]
continue this for 24 hours in the same
Degree of Heat. Move it gently & let
it stand till cold. then pour off the
clear Water, taking Care no sediment
is with it & divide the Water into
smal Phials well stopped with Glass
Stoppers -- When ever you use this
Liquor or open the Bottles keep the
Nose close stopped to avoid inhaling
the Vapours: which are very poisonous

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A word used in the 1700s–1800s, mattras or matrass
is a glass flask with a round or oval body and a long neck.