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pour on good [?] at least 4 Fingers above
[digest?] fer AG? viÿ or X—Then [L?] gradually
+ the Sp: of [symbol][uni?]over with the VR [√]
which you must preserve close stopped.

Pour more VR [√] in the [Residue?]
digest as before, = it fall all the [symbol]ial[symbol]
is [usil?]ever— which is the Aqua [vage?]
[fabilet?], or Auburn [aurrimum?], +
Aqua permanent of pre sshers?
which dissolves the 2 Lumenaries +
makes the true [tu symbol?]+ 3 circles symbol of Metals,
for making Pearls larger, + finis
+ [cingeuts?] [symbol]— as follows

[symbol][symbol silver] Filings ℥i in the
ebase [symbol water]. add to the of cerunan [symbol mercury]
[symbol tbss?] . jel it over a Lamp ∆ fer d q vïÿ
+ it will fix— Cerppel it. + put fresh [symbol mercury]
into the remaining [symbol water] + repeat the
Process—This has been proved

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