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234 Artificial Glass
Rx [?] [?] - powder finely upon
a Porphyry ^or [?] Common Sand [?] [?]
Moisten it with Water & grind finely - Mix
all together in a clean Basan [sic[ & make it
a soft paste with Gum Water
Then [?] [Small? smelt?] or [Larger? Lather?]
finely powdered & moisten it with Gum
Water to a thin paste. Put some [?]
into another Pan, & moisten it with
Gum Water & put some of the above
White Mass to it in such Proportion
that the Blue does not prevail.

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265. Artificial Diamonds
Rx Boron [?] Fine white sand [?]
reduce both to a white Powder, & melt them in
a long Crucible in a Wind Furnace, in a strong
Fire for 1/2 an Hour when cold break it

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