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200. Essence of any Flowers
Put [?] of the Petals of any Flower you
please such as Roses etc into an Earthen or
Stone Pot or Pan with three Pounds of [?]
in Powder: then make Stratum upon Stratum
with this Sugar & the Flower [till?] [full?], cover
the Pot [slow?] & cold as a cool Cellar for
24 hours: then put it 24 Hours in the Sun
or hot Stove; then lay it in a Sieve & let
it drop of [?] into a Vessel without
Pressing the Flowers: stop the Vessel close
See Page 114:178

201. To wash Fleecy Hosiery
First, turn the Stocking & other Articles
the wool side outwards: then wash as all woollen
Articles are washed, in a clean, strong & moderate
hot lather & drawing it thro the Hand which is
preferable to rubbing it between the the hands.
When washed, shake it to raise the Fleece
Rub no Soap upon it, & by no Means boil it.

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