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or X - [?] & seperate by [alchemy symbol: aqua fortis] & you will
have fine [a.s.: gold] -

196. Magic [a.s.: gold}
Rx fine [copelled?] [a.s.: silver] [?] [a.s.: dissolve] in [a.s.: aqua fortis]
evaporate to Dryness & keep the [?]
Rx [a.s.: gold] [?] [?] [a.s.: dissolve] in [a.s.: aqua regia] evaporate &
dry the [?]
Then Rx [a.s.: mercury] [?] mix the Whole
& make an [a.s.: oil]. Digest in a Red Heat for
[a.s.: ?] & the [a.s.: silver] & [a.s.: copper] will seperate [sic].

197. To produce excellent

Infuse a good Melon Seed for 2 days
in Syrrup [sic] made of Raspberries Cinnamon
Cardamoms & Musk & Ambergries each [?]
The Syrrop [sic] must neither be too
thick or hot when you put in the Seeds, wch must
be sown in a hot Bed, & you will have excellent Melons
[?] sand is good to mix with Earth for seed

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