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Brandy & Flour & make it swallow it & it will
never grow larger. which must be allowed as a
current experiment.

190. To prevent a Person sweating
or being tired in Running
This Secret will be of great advantage to
many People who are obliged to run on Foot
frequently such as Running Footmen & pre
vent Stitchesn& Pains in their Sides as well as
prevent their Sweatingin hot weather, & also
their Feet from being sore.
Gather on St. Bartholomews Day
Cabbage & root of Southernwood or Abrotanum
& fasten it upon your Body under your Shirt
so as to touch the Skin & you will neither
sweat not feel any Fatigue in Running
Or put Poplar Leaves at the
Bottom of your Feet, between the Stocking &

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Southernwood is a member of the sunflower family that has an aromatic camphor smell.