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[?] with 3 Cohobabeans upon fresh [?] & [?]
trying each [?] with the Candle if it will burn
if not it is incombustible & you may use
it with the foll. [Mixture?]
Rx. Amianthus, wch being poison
ous, take Care not to inhale the Vapour &
make Matches of it for the above [?]
You may also use Pith of
Elder. wch must be renewed every 24 hours

187. Curious Experiment
Put into a clean earthen Pipkin
Red [?] [?] with 1/2 Pint of [?] boil them
doe [?] Then add [?] [?] & [?] [?] of
shavings of Goats horn in [?] boil [?] add a
quart of [?] boil 12 minutes. Add
Lamp or Ivory Black [?] boil till the whole
is thick.
Dip an [?] nail into this
composition if it sticks draw it out of

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