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186. To extract the [L.E.?] of Roses

Gather Roses after [Sun Rising?]
& lay the Flowers in a cucurbit [S.S.F.?] of
Sea Salt & leaves beginning with a Layer of
Salt till the cucurbit iis half full, press
them down, & put in the [Helm?], [Seele?] it close,
Stop the Nose of the [Helm?] & let it stand
for 2 days.

The Salt in this Process, extracts
the essential Oil by Fermentation, & after a
few Days you may distill in MB.

You must throw away the first
Distillation or Plegm, then [Seele?] the
Receiver & the rest that comes [out] will be
a double distilled Rose Water, with the
essential Oil or [Otta?] so each in India
which you will seperately turning the
Reciever & the Water will come out first, & the

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