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From an Italian

169 - Fine Indian Varnish
Rx Put into a [Matros?] Sp
Wine: Pint j. Of the best Gum Sanda
rac, [?]. Mastic in Teers [?] Cam
pher of the Size of an Almond,
Powder these well. & put them into
the Sp:V in the [Matros?], & cloze it
well, Set it in the Sun, or hold it
over the Fire till it is all dissolved
then pour off the Cleer & keep it
close stoppd. Use it for Varnish

170 Ink that never molds
in hot Weather or had
a Sediment
Rx 2 Pints & 1/2 of [?] White
Wine, infuse in it 3 ounces of the best
Gall Nuts only bruised [?] for

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