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165. To prevent Infection
in the Yellow Fever xe
Make a Stomacher of proper
Dimensions interlined with the [?]
[?] Ingredients [?] Tobacco,
Rice, & Campher, & as the last is very
volatile it need be renewd weekly
avoiding spiritous Liquors
The above [?] an artificial
atmosphere & [replaces?] a perpetual [?]
[?] Vapour to Respiration, & a
continual medicinal penetrating [effluvium?]
wch is embibd by the absorbant Vessels
of the Skin, which one [?] [?]
[?] Contact with the Stomacher
Given me by [?]
[Wilkinson?] 7th Dec. 1796 & sent to
Mr [?] [?] to the [?]

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A stomacher is a v-shaped piece of decorative cloth worn over the chest and stomach.