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the Mass either in the Sun or by the Fire
& when quite dry grind it in a Bowl
with a Pestle or [B?] & sift it thro a
fine Sieve & perfume it if you choose
with a Grain of Musk [?] of Civet which
grind together with as much [double?]
refind Sugar as will lay upon a [?]
& mix it with the Powder. Or you
may put [1 ounce?] of Damascus Powder
to [?] of the Starch Powder

161. Buggs to destroy
Campher [?] in [?] of Spirit of
Wine: & [?] of Spirit of Turpentine. Rub
the Bedstead.

162. Fleas [D?] in Dogs
Rub the Dogs with Spirit
of Wine. Or.
Gunpowder, Brimstone & common Grease
Made to an Ointment; rub behind the Neck.

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