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To every 16 ounces of Butter put
of this Composition [?] - work it well to
gether & pot for Use

160. To make Starch
better than with Wheat
Pound a Quantity of fresh
Potatoes in a Mortar, or grind them in
a Cyder Mill & press them down in a
Tub or large earthen Vessel, pour on
Water 6 or 7 Inches above them, & stir
it about well; strain off the [Dregs?]
& put them aside after pressing them
well & squeezing them with your Hand
put the Water pourd off into a Kettle
& let it boil skim it & preserve the [Sheen?]
Take the boild Potatos
squeeze them as dry as possible
& let them drain in a Sieve & dry

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