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formed into a thin Paste with a little [A.S. "water"].
The Flour is kneaded separately, then mixed
with the Potatoe Paste, & kneaded again
When well incorporated, the Dough is made
into Bread the common Way with
Yeast of Leaven; with a little salt to
make it more agreeable.
This Method produces an
economical Nourishment with a Saving
of 1/3 of the usual Quantity of Flour
Bread may also be made
still more economical by 1/2 of Barley
Meal & 1/2 of Potatoes; but it is less
agreeable to the Taste

156. To make good Candles
Sperma Cete: [?] Cream
of Tartar [?] Quick Lime [?] - Mix well
& melt - dip the Cotton wick in Spirit
of Nintre, & form in a Glass or Tin [Mold?]

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[A.S.] stands for alchemy symbol. I have identified them when possible.