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[A.S.] This [A.S. "fire"] is composed of [A.S. "sulphur"] viu: [A.S. "tartar"] -
Gum [Sareocolla?]. [A.S.] [A.S. "salt"] [?]
Petroleum, & Olive [A.S. "oil"] all boiled together
till they consume a Piece of Cloth thrown
into them, Stir with an Iron Spatula -
but this Experiment must be made in
the open Air for if it taked Fire, it is
not easy to quench it -

155 [?] [?] Mode of making
Bread, recommended by the
Committee of Public Safety at
Paves Jan 7 1795
Rx 2/3 of Wheat Flour. & 1/3 of
Potatoes. Or 1/3 of Wheat Flour, 1/3 of Rye [?]
& 1/3 of Potatoes: which Experiment has
succeeded perfectly. the Bread is very white
& [?] & keeps fresh a long time
The Process is boiling the Potatoes
in water as [such?], peeled, mashed, &

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[A.S.] stands for Alchemy Symbol. I have identified them when possible.